Friday, January 29, 2010

Snack survival guide: Super Yogurt

Luckily, Greek Yogurt isn't useless and awful like "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"

One of the main habits that separates the fat and the merely out of shape is manic snacking. A little pressure rolls your way or you miss a meal and all of a sudden you're mainlining bacon grease and raiding your children's Lunchables.

It may sound difficult, but the trick is to eat meals that fill you up, drink lots of water and when you do snack make sure it provides a true benefit.

That's why I've come around to a few healthy snacks that can be combined to form a Justice League Task Force of kick-ass delicious nutrition.

Snack suggestion:

Individual packs of Greek Yogurt (warning: it - or at least the Oikos brand organic stuff I bought - is kind of smelly and weird at first. You have to stir that sucker up or things might fall apart.)
Real blueberries
Raw walnuts and/or almonds
Optional: flaxseed powder, other nutty add-ins

Review: I've only had the chance to try Oikos, which come in work-friendly little yogurt packs. It can be difficult to pack the blueberries and nuts with much finesse, but sometimes you simply have to sacrifice cool points. If you're like me, you're already far in the "negative" column so fuck it, right?

Ultimately, it's not good to "midnight snack" but this combo beats my hunger to death. Give it a try for breakfast as well since it will give you a nice combo of vitamins, healthy fats and protein. Jackpot, son. Jackpot.

Blueberries (Nutrition facts) are one of the most ideal snacking fruits. They give you that horrific food shoveling rush normally covered by potato chips or what have you. Blueberries pack a nice array of vitamins and fiber, plus they're pretty tasty and don't get your hands sticky. I eat a cup of them almost every day.

Walnuts (A goober-tastic gushing post about Walnuts) are considered to be among the most useful nuts (besides my own, HEY-OH!!!) and they provide a solid crunchiness to boot. It's best to eat these in their raw, unsalted form. In this yogurt or even munching on a small handful, I must say I didn't miss the evil addition of sodium. If nothing else, it can be covered in creamy yogurt to distract you from the lack of cheating.

Almonds (The "World's Healthiest Foods" entry regarding Almonds) might not be mandatory, but provide a crunch that can be great for stress eating. I usually sprinkle both walnuts and almonds in the yogurt concoction to provide a nice, crunchy counterpoint to the blueberries.

The nuts also make the meal quite a bit more filling, so that's a nice bonus.

Flax seed (Nutrition facts) are added when I feel especially risque.

The mixture of nuts and nutty products might make this a bit of a fatty meal, but the yogurt and blueberries are calorie-friendly. I'd recommend only putting a small mixture of the nuts/flax seed and a generous helping of blueberries. It keeps this treat varied and healthy.

Feel free to leave your impressions on this snack and similar concoctions of your own.

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